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Outlined hereinafter is the Privacy Policy (the “Policy”) for Here at iResearch, Inc. we understand that you may have certain concerns with regard to your privacy. Given below is an account of how we collect and use your information. This Privacy Policy is incorporated by reference in the Terms of Use of

By browsing or availing any of the Services herein you are agreeing to accept and be bound by this Policy. Users not agreeing to accept or be bound by this Policy are requested to refrain from browsing or availing any of its Services.


We collect and store certain User information for future reference purposes as well as to improve upon the existing Services. Information is collected from Users in the following manners:

  1. Information Provided by Users: iResearch, Inc. collects and stores all information provided by Users. This may be information provided at the time of registration, information received through User communication, or any surveys or questionnaires completed by you. Such information includes basic User data such as name, gender, age, contact details. Certain payment information may also be collected and stored by us at the time you make any payments. Such information shall be stored in a safe and secure manner and shall be accessed only at the time of making payments. iResearch, Inc. shall also collect certain traffic and demographic data with regard to the number of Users on the site and the frequency of their visits.
  2. Information Collected from Servers: Our servers are programmed to collect and store certain User information. However none of this information is personally identifiable to any User. Information collected by the servers are device specific and collects information with regard to your device, operating system, URL requested, IP address.
  3. Cookies: Like most other sites, iResearch, Inc. uses browser cookies. Browser cookies inform us about your visits to iResearch, previous browsing sessions, browsing history and previous preferences. These cookies also help in providing you with an enhanced browsing experience


Necessary Disclosures. Under no circumstance shall iResearch, Inc. sell, divulge or trade any User information collected by it. Any and all User information collected shall be used for the sole purpose of rendering Services to you. We shall seek the consent of the respective User before disclosing any of their personally identifiable information. However in addition to, the respondents understand that they disclose all their information to the Moderator and the entity conducting the focus group exercise. Any misuse of information by the Moderator or such entity shall not be iFocusGroup’s liability.

Traffic Data. iResearch, Inc. may also use certain traffic data and information for analysing browsing related information of Users so as to improve upon the existing features of

Statutory Disclosures. iResearch, Inc. may disclose certain User information, including personally identifiable information, in compliance with any law for the time being in force or in compliance with any order or direction from any court or governmental authority.

User Privacy Policy. Under no circumstances shall the User’s Privacy Policy, if any, supersede or prevail over iResearch, Inc. Privacy Policy, whether with regard to any User information or with regard to any Respondent and Moderator information.


Respondent Information. All information collected and stored with regard to the Respondents and Moderators shall not be disclosed other than with the consent of the concerned Respondent or Moderator. However iResearch may be required to make certain disclosures regarding the Respondents and Moderators non-personally identifiable information to the Users and clients as and when it is required.

Necessary Disclosures. The Respondents and Moderators hereby agree that their willingness to participate as a Respondent or Moderator signifies their acceptance of iResearch, Inc. requirement to make certain necessary disclosures concerning their information stored on iResearch’s servers, including but not limited to any statutory disclosures.

User Created Focus Group. Our Services are used on a daily basis by Users wishing to create online Focus Groups. iResearch, Inc. only provides its Services required for hosting the Focus Group as well as to collect the response of the Focus Group. Respondents and Moderators are requested to contact the user creating the Focus groups directly with any queries or clarifications that they may have. iResearch, Inc. shall not be responsible for the contents of any results of the Focus Groups nor for any User responses. Users creating the Focus Group may have their own Privacy Policy and Respondents and Moderators are requested to revise the same before participating.

User’s Privacy Policy. Certain Users may have their own Privacy Policy that Respondents and Moderators will be required to adhere to. Responses received from Respondents may either be anonymous or visible depending on the configurations set by the User. We encourage you to read any such policy, or to contact the focus group creator directly to ask them any questions about their privacy practices. In the event that the User creating the Focus Group has not disclosed the collection method in the introduction of the focus group, Respondents may contact them to verify if their participation is anonymous.

Focus Group Information. iResearch, Inc. will not sell or share your focus group responses with third party advertisers or marketers (although the focus group creator may at his discretion do so). iResearch, Inc. merely acts as a custodian on behalf of the focus group creator who controls your data.


Mailing. Users hereby agree that their use of or any of its Services implies their acceptance of iResearch, Inc. right to send communications to them. The communication sent by iResearch, Inc. shall be with regard to its Services, offers and promotions, any changes to the Services and iResearch newsletters as well as communications from any affiliated website


Use of Cookies. Cookies are small pieces of text data sent by iResearch, Inc. and stored on your browser. Cookies inform iResearch, Inc. as to your browsing patterns, time spent on iResearch and previous browsing sessions. Cookies are also helpful in enhancing iResearch and its Services and provide Users with a better browsing experience. Cookies remember your previous preferences and help Users to auto fill certain forms.

Cookie Settings. Users may disable cookie settings by accessing and changing the same in their browser settings. Deleting or disabling the cookies enabled by may hamper your browsing or may disrupt the functionality of iResearch, Inc. shall not be responsible for any such reduced functionality or disruption of Services caused by deleting or disabling the cookies


Access and Rectification. All information stored with regard to any user may be accessed and viewed by the respective User. Any incorrect or former information may be corrected or updated by the User or they may request iResearch to do the same. However Users shall not be entitled to change any information that may compromise the security of iResearch or any information for which the cost outweighs the need to change or correct the information.

Updating Information. Users are advised to update all personal information that may have changed during their interactions with iResearch.

Disclosures. Users may prevent iResearch, Inc. from making any disclosure with regard to their information stored on iResearch’s servers. However, Users must ensure that they do not restrict the disclosure of any information that may be required for rendering iResearch’s Services.


Storage of Information. iResearch, Inc. stores the whole or part of User information in its servers located within the territory of the United States or America and/or Europe. The information stored in these servers shall be in compliance with all applicable data protection and privacy laws.


Security Measures. iResearch, Inc. ensures that all information stored, whether in its servers or any place else, is in a safe and secure environment. The security measures adopted by iResearch, Inc. are at par with industrial standards. iResearch, Inc. also ensures that it is in compliance with all applicable data protection and privacy laws while collecting and storing any information.

Account Security. iResearch, Inc. advises all Users as well as all Respondents and Moderators to use strong passwords and to refrain from divulging any account information to third parties

Links and Advertisements. iResearch, Inc. does not guarantee the safety of any User, Respondent or Moderator or the safety of any of their systems and devices while following any links or advertisements present on iResearch. Such links or advertisements may have its own terms of use and privacy policy that Users are advised to review. iResearch, Inc. shall not be liable for any loss or damage incurred to any User, Respondent or Moderator while following any links or advertisements present on iResearch

Breach of Information. We shall to the best of our abilities protect or attempt to protect all information stored on our servers, however, it is important that Users understand that no security measure may prove to be completely effective against any breach or attempted breach of information stored.


Amendments. The whole or any part of this Policy is subject to change without any prior notice. iResearch, Inc. may amend, modify or remove any part of this Policy. iResearch, Inc. shall have no duty to inform users of any changes to this Policy. It shall be the Users responsibility to keep themselves updated on any changes to this Policy.

Implementation. Any changes to this Policy may be indicated on and it shall be the Users responsibility to familiarise themselves to any such changes. Any changes made shall be implemented only after 10 days from publishing it on so that Users have sufficient opportunity to review the revised Policy. In case of any conflict between this Policy and a revised Policy, the revised policy shall prevail


Grievance Redressal. Users may contact iResearch, Inc. by email at [email protected] or via this form for any clarifications or grievances they may have with regard to this Policy.

US-EU Safe Harbor Principles. is in compliance with the US-EU and US-Swiss Safe Harbor Principles regarding the collection, use and storage of personal information regarding all Users, Respondents and Moderators located within any EU member country or in Switzerland. collects stores and processes personal data from Users, Respondents and Moderators located within the EU as well as the United States of America. may also transfer personal data from its servers within the EU to its servers in the United States of America

The Moderators, Users availing our Services and the respondents understand and agree that iResearch, Inc., its parent entity, pratners, directors, promoters, employees, agents, affiliates and other related persons and entities are merely providing this platform for easy and convenient Focus Group creation, moderation, information collection and related activities. As a platform provider with no control over the data, information and views exchanged on the platform, iResearch, Inc. satisfies all requirements of being an intermediary under various safe harbor principles of the US, EU and other relevant jurisdictions.