How to Screen Participants for Your Online Focus Group

  • Darshan Mehta
  • November 9, 2017
True political debate has become an endangered species — in the U.S., anyway. Instead of cordial discussions, the left and the right seem to communicate only with fumes, takedowns, or stone-cold silence. That's bad news for focus groups, in which open communication is the goal. So when we conducted political focus groups prior to the 2016 presidential election, we screened our participants' political beliefs. We then put Democrats, Republicans, and Independents into separate groups. Maybe we'd have generated some creative insults or witty comebacks if the groups were mixed, but that's not what we were after. We wanted a deeper understanding of what each group thought. To be clear, fo
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Are You Misusing the Word ‘Insight’?

  • Darshan Mehta
  • October 27, 2017

Occasionally, a word becomes so culturally ingrained that its meaning becomes lifeless and watered down - such has become the fate of "insight."


It’s a powerful word, but it's also widely misused thanks to a huge Continue Reading